3 Hunters Legolas next. i like this pose although in some areas of the model the detail felt a little too sharp as is often the case with these resin models. Nevertheless quite pleased with the result.


Next up was Gimli. Love painting his gauntlets its never boring lol. Tried a green cloak first of all but it clashed quite badly with the red leather. I went with the grey cloak from the movie. Resisted the urge to freehand the bottom of the cloak. I didn't want to over do it.


Nice model to paint, the white tree drove me insane. Still experimenting with NMM I still have a lot to learn. Client requested that the freehand on the cloak match the Boromir I painted previously. Hope you like him. Thanks for looking :-)

Bolg Ft & Mtd

These guys were commissioned by a clients partner as an anniversary present for him without his knowledge. Quality choice of model I thought. You can see a guide for how to fix the annoying gap in the warg on the Shadow & Flame YouTube channel Thanks for looking.

Rare Armoured Boromir

Its always nice getting the opportunity to paint these rarer models for clients. I was tempted to paint my personal version at the same time as this guy but the batch he was in was big enough. One day... Thanks for looking.

Mtd Aragorn

Quick one for the lads over at the Great British Hobbit league you tube channel. Felt a little limited as to what I could do with this guy when it came to basing as the model was glued in position when it arrived. Probably for the best as the model will see many games and would only help his opponent if he was stood on a 40ft rock lol. Thanks for looking

Black Numenorean / Dunland Conversion

Converted by Flame from a Dunlending Warrior and a Black Numenorean. Second time we've converted and painted this particular model. Everything about this model is client specified. Its good fun trying to bring a model to life and achieve as close to the clients exact specifications as is possible. The dog, named Duke is from Ebob miniatures, big thank you to Bob for allowing us to borrow the original model so we could have a copy made just for this piece.

Unreleased Orc Drummer

Each year at christmas I take a couple of days off commission painting and paint a single model for my own collection. Last year it was the Mithril Smaug. Xmas 2014 I was so busy with the Rivendell Commission that I missed my window. I couldn't let the i opportunity pass me by so decided to attempt a singke model in one night only. I've had this unreleased Orc Drummer sitting around for quite some time now and thought it was about time I put some paint on this thing. There are more pictures in The Dead Marshes (wow it feels good to be able to say that still lol) Happy New Year to you all and heres to a safe and successful 2015!

Rivendell Knights

Rivendell Knights Part of the Rivendell Elf Commission 18 Rivendell Knights. The Client was quite specific in what he wanted from these right down to all of the troop horses being grey. I was so tempted to change up the colour of the horses a little but resisted and instead tried to make each horse individually patterned using the same 5 shades of grey. Well how can i put this lol? .. it was an experience for sure! Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for looking.


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