Glorfindel (Conversion) Gaming Base

Shadow & Flame undertook a huge project not long back to convert a Glorfindel model and then mount him on a huge display plinth. The client requested that Glorfindel be removable from the display piece and have his own seperate gaming base to allow him to be used in games. This is the converted model complete with his gaming base. To vew the model on the display plinth click here.


Next up for Shadow was 32 Warriors of Numenor which the client requested be painted straight from the box art. Shadow also painted up a warrior of Numenor for his own collection which you can find pictures of in the Dead Marshes. Thanks for looking and if you haven't already make your way over to the Shadow & Flame Facebook page and drop us a "like" to keep up with regular updates.

Converted Glorfindel Display Plinth

Conversion work carried out by Flame and then passed over to Shadow for painting and basing. The client was quite specific in what he wanted from the piece and requested it to be mounted on a large display plinth complete with banner, wolf and horse. The banner reads "Molon Labe" which translates as "Come and get them" The elvish script on the plinth itself is taken from the Quenta Silmarillion and quotes Feanor. "For the less even as for the greater there is some deed that he may accomplish but once only; and in that deed his heart shall rest." The piece was entered in Games Workshop Middlesbrough's Painting Competition and took 1st place.

GW Southampton S&C Competition

Flame entered his Thranduil on Elk conversion into Games Workshop Southamptons Sculpting and Converting Competition and came away with first place.

Rivendell Spears & Command (the final installment)

This latest batch consisted of 16 Spears, 16 movement trays, Captain and banner and a converted elf horn blower. The Horn blower was converted by Flame. I took the opportunity to paint one of the horn blower conversions for my own personal collection. You can find pictures in the Dead Marshes. This is the last installment of the Rivendell Army commission. The entire army are now making their way to a professional photographer to have some decent pictures taken before they start on their long road to war. Thanks for looking :-)


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