Thorongil Mtd (Unreleased)

Had this model sitting around for a long time now and with a painting competition at my local Games Workshop coming up I thought I'd take a quick breather from the commission work and throw some paint at this guy. Really enjoyed painting it up and returned to my roots with the gigantic base. Hope you like him. As this model is part of my own collection a full range of pictures has been added to the Dead Marshes. Thanks for looking and comments most welcome.

The Dead Mumak

Converted by Flame and then passed to Shadow for the paint job we have the Dead Mumak. Tried out some new grass tufts on this piece from Gamers Grass. They offer a fantastic range of grass tufts in varying sizes and colours. The adhesive is strong enough to not require glueing at all. All in all very pleased with the product and will use them again on future projects. You can also find Gamers Grass on facebook, Check them out and Like the page. As usual thanks for looking and comments most welcome.

Easterlings!!!! (Batch 2)

The Easterling war machine is now in full swing. This is the second batch of what is to be a huge army. The colour scheme is coming together slowly now with the armour on this batch slightly lighter than the previous whilst hopefully maintaining the dirty, worn look. The Army to date complete with movement trays to match the cracked earth bases. Thanks for looking. Leave us a comment (lol thats right I finally got the comments to work on the website :-) )

Champions of Erebor : Dori, Bifur, Oin & Gloin

I took a little time to paint these guys up while waiting for Easterling movement trays to dry. Fantastic little models the Champions set. Another set of Champions of Erebor on the horizon this time with green marble bases. Should be fun. Dori Oin Gloin Bifur Next up is more Easterlings. Thanks for looking!

Army of Rivendell

The Army of Rivendell has now been mustered and are ready for war. By popular request here are a collection of images which were taken throughout the process. Aa' menle nauva calen ar' ta hwesta e' ale'quenle Heroes & Command Elrond Gil-Galad Erestor Glorfindel (Flame conversion) Elladan Elrohir Hornblower (Flame conversion) Infantry Knights Thanks for looking

Armoured Azog the Defiler

With there being no official model released yet to represent Azog the defiler in full armour Flame set about making his own. Straight from the screen and set to mangle many a dwarf!!!! Shadow is looking forward to attacking this model with his brush in the near future! Thanks for looking.

Easterlings!!!! (Batch 1)

So it begins!!! The start of the next huge army commission and yes unfortunately for Shadow its more gold. This is the first batch of many Easterlings to hit the paint station. The client requested that the gold armour have a dirty and battered appearence. Hopefully we've hit the mark. Thanks for looking.

Elrond Ft & Mtd

This version of Elrond was given to me at the Desolation of Stockport back in 2014. I had to paint it up ready for the 2015 tournament. Quite possibly the hardest model I have painted to date. Thanks for looking

Radagasts & Tauriel

Two versions of Radagast the Brown painted up alongside Tauriel and also Balin and Dwalin from the Champions of Erebor set. Balin and Dwalin you will find more pictures HERE. The AUJ Radagast was painted for the Great British Hobbit League and features on a special showcase video on their You Tube channel alongside the Shadow & Flame Mounted Radagast. Its worth a look. Click the link to check it out and don't forget to "Like Share Subscribe" Radagast Ft & Mtd GBHL Showcase Tauriel Radagast the Brown Radagast the Brown (AUJ) Thanks for looking.

Dwalin & Balin (Champions of Erebor)

Painted some time back these two but I've been that busy I haven't updated the website for a while. Fantastic models to paint. Really enjoying the Champions of Erebor se.t


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