Easterlings : Batch 3

Next up is another batch of easterlings. Getting the hang of these guys now. 16 complete with 16 more close behind. Hope you like them. Quick note to the people in the painting queue - Thanks for you patience guys, I only have one pair of hands and believe me they are working as fast as they can lol. Haha time for the music video. Really loving A Perfect Circle at the moment. Helping me through the neverending sea of gold. Enjoy! Thanks for looking :-)

Champions of Erebor Nori & Ori

The Champions of Erebor are finally ready for war with the last two Nori & Ori complete. I have them all to do again in the near future so stay tuned. and the completed company .. Thanks for looking and as always comments are most welcome. I thought I might start to do something like Viruk over at Independant Painters used to do and that is post the music which inspired his paint jobs. Music is what keeps me painting! So how many A Perfect Circle fans to we have ? Give it a listen.

Young Thorin & Dwalin

Swimming thrrough a golden sea of Easterlings again I have no idea how I found the time to get these two done but done they are. The Dwalin model has to be one of my personal favourite models to date. The green marble experiments continue. Thanks for looking, comments are welcome. I have added Dwalin to the Shadow & Flames Cool Mini Or Not Gallery which you can find HERE if you would like to register a vote. Many Thanks.

Willow Tree Giant

Flame has been at it again!!! Yes, thats right folks another case where Flame swaps the putty in favour of the brush. Painting one of his own scratch sculpts which incidentally are available in the official Shadow & Flame webstore although currently we are awaiting a restock. Thanks to all who purchased the model in the last wave.. they didn't last long. Thanks for looking and to keep up to date with Shadow & Flame and recieve regular updates head on over to our Facebook page and hit the Like button.

Uruk banner conversions

Flame has been busy lately with multiple projects going on simultaneously but managed to squeeze these two Uruk banner conversions in for a very good client of Shadow & Flames a Mr Randy Blood. We look forward to seeing what you do with them. We will be getting around to creating a client gallery here on the website and Randys work will be featuring there. Stay tuned.


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