Easterlings : Infantry & Commanders

The Gold and red war machine rumbles on! This is the last of the foot models excluding heroes for this project although I am in discussion with the client about the possibility of a few conversions which we may add. Reversed the colours on the war priest and dragon knight this time to try and differentiate from the previous set. I like the black clothed dragon knight, may even steal that idea for my personal collection one day. Anyway hope you like them. Music is a good one! Disturbed Conflict set against scenes from the movie 300. Seriously good! Check it out! Thanks for looking :-)

Great Beast of Gorgoroth

Second time painting this piece and let me tell you it was as hard as the first! Such a busy piece with so much going on. Great fun nevertheless. Hope you like it. I'll be adding this to the Shadow and Flame Cool Mini Or Not Gallery so keep an eye out and cast a vote if you wish. Much appreciated. Gotta love Courtney :-p Thanks for looking, like share and comment :-)

Son of Eorl

Another quick turnaround on this guy. The face posed some level of difficulty to make appear "normal", very strange sculpt indeed. Overall pleased with the end result. Hope you like him. I get asked a lot about how I build up my bases (not so much on this particular model) but the answer is using cork and bark which has been dried out. If there is enough interest I will look into stocking it here in the S&F webstore. Let me know if this is something you'd like. Music = Painting ..... lots of it! As usual thanks for looking. Like Share & Comment :-)

Thranduil Ft & Mtd (Conversion)

Next up is Thranduil Ft & Mtd. The Shire horse which Thranduil was originally mounted on has been converted to an Elk utilising the Antlers pack which are available in the Shadow & Flame webstore. There you will also find a YouTube video which gives clear step by step instructions. Thanks for looking and hopefully my new laptop will arrive soon and I can keep up with updates as I complete projects. Back to my best lol - ie No more Radiohead. Explicit lyrics... You have been warned!

Gandalf the Grey

Apolgies for the lack of updates this last month all, my laptop unfortunately bit the dust and i've been keeping in touch using my Ipod which will not allow me to update the website. So the first of many incoming updates. This one is Gandalf the Grey, painted up very quickly for the lads over at the GBHL for the NOVA open competition they were attending over in the U.S. Happy to say that Gandalf served GBHL James well helping him to secure 3rd place overall. Well done mate!!! Thanks for looking and I'll leave you with something that just about sums up my last month lol....


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