Queen Beruthiel (unreleased)

Next we have an Unreleased Queen Beruthiel piece. The base on this one was constructed by Flame along with the two scratch sculpted cats. The client knew exactly what they wanted from the piece and supplied artwork for reference. It is a pleasure to paint up these rarer sculpts. I feel like painting my own version of Beruthiel now too. Really nice model to paint, I hope you like her. Music from Shadow again with System of a Down and "BYOB" Thanks for looking. Until next time.....

Easterling Kataphrakts

Another installment for the army of Rhun with four more Kataphrakts. These models are quite time consuming. Hopefully I can speed up a little and get through the remaining part of this job. Music from Shadow again (I hear you groaning lol) Powerman 5000 with "How to be a human". This ones for you Willow. Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for more incoming updates :-)

Azog & Mounted Thorins Company

With Flame away attending the ReDesolation of Stockport it was time to get down to some serious work and man did he not disappoint managing to complete conversions from foot to mounted on all members of Thorins Company utilising the Shadow and Flame Travelling dwarf kit available from the S&F Webstore. He also managed to complete another Azog conversion for a client. The Mounted Dwarf company will go to Shadow in the near future for paint jobs so stay tuned. Flame has also been working on a Youtube video which will be a walk through of how to convert the dwarves into the mounted counterparts using the S&F travelling dwarf kit. and Azog Music choice from Flame on this occasion Guns N Roses

Radagast on Eagle

Next onto the paintstation was Radagast on eagle. Only allowed myself one full day to complete this job and I'm actually quite surprised that I managed it. Really nice model although Radagast himself seems kind of small and squashed up. Thanks to Flame for assembling and priming for me. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pics. I'll leave you with the Foo Fighters and Everlong.

Easterling Kataphrakts

Next up is the Mounted contingent of the Easterling warmachine. Really nice plastic kit this one which has a fair few leftover parts which will come in handy for future conversions! Thanks for looking! Don't you lot be having too much fun without me at Stockport GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Rohan Royal Guard Banner Ft & Mtd

Converted by Flame and then passed to Shadow for banner work only we have a Rohan Royal Guard both foot and mounted versions. Client to finish the job. Look forward to the completed pics. No pressure GBHL James ;-) Sad today as house "improvements" keeping me away from ReDoS tournament Grrrrrrrr


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