Iron Hills Conversion Kit

So next up we have the Iron Hills dwarves which have been converted using the Games Workshop Grim Hammer set and the Shadow and Flame Dwarf conversion kit. The conversion kit pictured below alongside the GW Grimhammers is available from the Shadow & Flame Online Store. Flame has put together a series of You tube videos to demonstrate how to use the kit to convert Iron Hills dwarves. You can find them here - Part 1 and Part 2. Incidentally I painted a Grimhammer captain alongside the Iron Hills dwarves for the same client as the painted Grimhammers in the example used above. Onto the Iron Hills. Hope you like them. Thanks for looking, leave a comment & like and share. Music by She Wants R

Warg Riders

Next up is a batch paint of warg riders with converted banner. Client asked for variation in fur and orc skin colour which proved quite difficult when painting the whole lot together. Bases left blank at clients request so that they can base to match their existing movement trays. Bad weather prevented me from taking outdoor pictures of these guys which is a little disappointing as the picture quality has suffered. Such is life lol. Thanks for looking! Music from Disturbed "Down with the sickness"

Amdur Ft & Mtd

The last model to be painted for the easterling army commission. Full army pictures are being edited by a proffesional photographer as we speak so stay tuned. Quite a difficult model this one I think mainly due to the finecast material making the detail feel overly sharp if you know what i mean, nevertheless I'm glad he's done. Thanks for looking, leave a comment and like & share. Music this time by Skindred with warning.


This update is a sad one for me I'm afraid. When a friend or loved one passes I paint a model to send on their journey with them. A good friend of mine sadly passed away this month and in a discussion with her son it was decided that I would paint Arwen to accompany her. I did not have a lot of time to spend on the piece but my heart and soul into it. The script around the bottom of the base reads "The sun is within" Rest in peace Sheila. You will not be forgotten. Thanks for looking. Music dedicated to Sheila. This song will always make me think of you.

Armoured Azog (Flame Sculpt)

Next up is the armoured Azog sculpted entirely from scratch by Flame. Although we have already posted the pictures of the model before it received its paint job I will re post them here to keep the work together. and now to the completed piece. Armoured Azog. Hope you like him. Thanks for looking, feel free to leave a comment and like & share. Music choice is Nine Inch Nails and Wish. Enjoy!

Radagast the Brown

Hi all! Its been a while since my last update. Lack of laptop and the usual real life curve balls have been getting in the way but I have not been idle. First update of many is Radagast the brown who I painted up for my own collection and will add the pictures to the Dead Marshes. I hope you like him. Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment and like and share! Music selection today Rooster by Alice in Chains. Enjoy!


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