Balin ( Flame conversion)

As some of you may remember not long back Flame converted a Balin model to represent Balin after the battle of five armies during his quest to retake Moria. Finally managed to get some paint on it. As this piece is part of Shadows personal collection the pictures have also been added to the Erebor section of the Dead Marshes. First up is the pictures of Flames work before paint. and finally with completed paint and base work. Thanks for looking. Balin is up on Cool Mini Or Not for voting so if you would like to show support and register a vote please follow this LINK. Music from The Eighties Matchbox B-line disaster "Psychosis Safari" Enjoy!

Tom the Troll & Bilbo

Conversion work completed by Flame and then passed to Shadow for the paint and snot work. Good fun this piece and quite simply disgusting lol! Added this piece to the Shadow & Flame Coolminiornot gallery. If you would like to show your support and register a vote you can follow this LINK. Much appreciated! Hope you like him and thanks for looking. Music from Audioslave "Show me how to live"

Aragorn & Arwen wedding diorama

The client sent us a glass bowl and asked if we could build a landscape depicting Aragorn and Arwen with a marriage theme. My initial idea was to have them standing on a bridge holding hands but for love nor money could i find the bridge i had pictured in my mind. Then in passing I get talking to a fantastic guy on facebook named Endre Kovacs better known to many as Miniman and for his priceless unnofficial guide to the Lord of the Rings miniatures. Anyway he took the specifications and design i was looking for and planned and designed it using a computer and had it 3d printed - Absolutely perfect!!! Miniman has a facebook page, take a look and hit the Like button! Thanks for your help,


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