Palace Guard & Captains

Took a quick break from the hordes of silver that is Gundabad and swapped it out for some gold, Haha I know lol go figure! Palace Guard were interesting models to paint for sure, full of very intricate detailing on both the leather and the shields. Painting guide being added to the Tutorials section of the website. These guys are up on Cool Mini Or Not for voting, If you would like to register a vote follow this LINK Music from Richard Thompson "Dads gonna kill me"


Second time painting this model and I have to say it doesnt get any easier. The finecast dwarves from the range are by far the hardest single miniatures to paint. Happy enough with the end result. Hope you like him too. Thanks for looking. Music from Jack off Jill "Cinnamon Spider" Enjoy!

Gundabad Spears

This is the first half of a Gundabad army currently being worked on. 48 spears with sword and sheild orcs to follow. Not bad models to paint. I have written a stage by stage painting guide for Gundabads and added it to the tutorials section of the site. Hope you find it useful. There are a set of larger group pictures up on Cool Mini for voting if you would like to register a vote. Many thanks as always. Cool Mini Link Thanks for looking. Hope you like them! Music from Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" Happy Mothers Day Mum! x

Champions of Erebor

Second time around painting this set. Nice set of models. Batch painting 14 green marble bases was quite a challenge. Ive put a nice set of white background pictures on Cool Mini Or Not - check them out and regsiter a vote. Many thanks. Cool Mini Link And the individual model pics. Thanks for looking, hope you like them. Music from Spineshank "Synthetic" Enjoy :-)


New Patreon page for Painting guides for the Middle-earth  range. Click on the  icon for more information.

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