Fellowship Selection

Have had these completed for a while now but have been waiting for the opportunity to use the new camera to get the pictures. Deliberately tried to keep the colours quite muted on these paint jobs and am quite happy with how they turned out. I still have a lot to learn. Well.... I'm glad thats over!! Too many pictures. At least I feel more confident about the settings on the camera now. Next stop is Azog & Bolg ft and mtd and then the entire Gundabad army. Wish me luck lol. Music from Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit"

Legolas & Gimli on horseback.

Frantically playing with the settings on the new camera in preparation for my first self taken army shot as the Gundabad army nears completion. Legolas & Gimli Mtd. Always liked this model and apart from Legolas' gigantic sausage finger its a joy to paint. I did try and shave some of the metal away to make the pointing finger a little more sensible but still looks oversized to me,. Happy enough with how he turned out. Thanks for looking, Like Share and leave a comment. Music from Queens of the Stone Age "Feel good hit of the summer"


Next up is the Azog sculpt affectionately known as "Ballroom" Azog for obvious reasons lol. Actually quite a nice sculpt to paint. First picture on the site taken with the new DSLR camera. I'd like to say that the photography side was easier with the new camera purchase but as those who have been in contact with me online over the last two days will know ITS NOT!!!! Turned out OK in the end. Cheers to Dave and Randy for letting me chew their ears off during the near vertical learning process. Hope you like him! Music from Kings of Leon "Wasted Time"

Mirkwood Spider (Display)

Wow!!! Its been a while since my last update! There is a lot to update. To start with a Mirkwood Spider which is part of my personal collection. I decided to give him a display base complete with web entangled skeleton. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking. I've added this guy to the S&F Cool Mini site for voting. If you'd like to show your support and register a vote please follow this LINK. Thank you. Summer music this time from Stereophonics and "Dakota"


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