Gundabad Orcs

Another batch of Gundabads completed. Into the last batch now and the infantry is complete. Hope you like them. Thanks for looking :-) Music from A Perfect Circle "Blue"

Rivendell Knights Captain & Banner

Rivendell Knights Captain and banner completed for James Clark of the Great British Hobbit League. Didn't have long to work on these guys as I have other pressing projects on the go. These two will be travelling to the U.S early September to do battle in the Nova Open. Best of luck for the tournament GBHL lads!! Thanks for looking. Like, Share & Leave a comment :-) Music from Pantera "Mouth for war"

The Hobbit - Goblin warrior

Quick paint job on a Hobbit goblin for my own collection. A very good friend of mine Randy Blood of Painting Middle Earth has come up with an amazing idea. As he is understandably sick of listening to me moan about how I never get to paint anything from my own collection what he has done is numbered every individual pose in the Lotr / Hobbit range and will select a number monthly to decide a model we can both paint for our respective collections. July 2016 is the Hobbit Goblin seen here. The August 2016 model is a Guard of the Galadhrim court. Although due to work commitments I may not hit every month I'll give it a darned good go. We have called this ...... I will eventually add a page

Albert Dreary (Flame Sculpt)

Scratch sculpted by Flame for a prize for this years NOVA Open we have Albert Dreary. Albert Dreary is a character portrayed by Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director Peter Jackson. He appears in Bree in the Fellowship of the ring and again in the Desolation of Smaug. My first attempt at wood floor at the clients request. Learnt a lot and have already improved. Watch this space..... The client requested dark and dirty colours "as if he'd been outside for a long time". This is the best image I could find for reference of Albert. Hope you like him. Music from Nine Inch Nails - Head like a hole.

Azog & Bolg Ft & Mtd

Next up and part of the Gundabad Army commission is Azog and Bolg both foot and mounted. Second time around painting both models and I have to say Mounted Bolg does not get any easier. Hope you like them. I've added Mtd Azog to the S&F CoolMiniOrNot gallery if you would like to show support and register a vote follow the LINK. Thanks for looking. Like, Share and leave a comment :-) Music from System "Toxicity"


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