Saruman the White

Next up is Saruman the white. I actually batch painted three of Saruman models but the third is for another project and a later date. Always a challenge painting white. Hope you like them. Thanks for looking. Music by Led Zeppelin "Rock and roll"

Gundabad Ogre display piece

This guy was completed for my personal collection. It was intended as a test model for an upcoming project. Great learning curve. Watch this space in future..... The skinned dwarf heads were sculpted by Flame especially for this piece. Thanks for looking, hope you like it! I've put the model up on CoolMiniOrNot if you would like to stop by and register a vote. Link below. Gundabad Ogre on CoolMiniOrNot. Music from Faith No More "Ashes to ashes"

Uruk Hai Berserkers

Twenty four Uruk Hai berserker batch paint next up. I was tempted to highlight the flesh up another stage but decided to stick with the darker scheme that I had used on the previous hundred uruks in the same army. Maybe next time.. Hope you like them. More updates soon. Music by Ministry "NWO"

Isengard - Pikes and war machines

First Installment of the Isengard army commission. 96 Pikes, Battering Ram, Siege Ballista, Troll, Lurtz, Vrasku, Ugluk and Mauhur. This was hard on the brain lol. Thanks for looking. Lots more to come..... Music from System of a Down "Sugar"


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