Champions of Erebor & Dain

Still playing catch up with the photography side of things. Champions of Erebor (again lol) and Dain ft and mtd (again and again and again lol) Really like the Champions set. Client requested faded green broken up stone (Erebor outside wall) and disturbed water depicting the scene from Battle of the five armies where the company emerge from the smashed erebor wall to cross the river to battle. Thanks for looking and I hope you like them. Music from My life with the thrill kill cult "After the flesh"

Thorins Company (Escape from Goblin Town)

These guys were actually finished a while ago but I am only getting around to photographing them. I batch painted four sets of Thorins Company these included. Not something I plan on ever doing again lol. I hope you like them. My 9 year old daughter Miah-xen has been asking me for some time now if she can paint a model and over the xmas period I made the time to sit with her so she could paint her first model ever. I have no doubt this will be the first of many more. I envisaged a gritty warrior of Rohan straight from the pages of the Lord of the rings...... Miah-xen had other ideas....... Squid Pink. Really proud of her, she did an awesome job!!! Check it out! Miah-xens music choic

Bain, Sigrid & Tilda

Bain, Sigrid and Tilda next up. Quick job on these three as time is short at the moment. Strange sculpts these three it was quite difficult to make them not look like aliens lol. Music from A Perfect Circle "The Outsider"

Scouring of Che-Shire 2018 Tournament prizes. Saruman & Tom Bombadil

These were put together as tournament prizes for Steve Crowes Scouring of Che-Shire GBHL tournament later this month. Of all the Saruman variants available Ste why did you pick this one? Horrible model to paint but I got there in the end. The models are magnetized so that they can be used on both gaming and display bases. Hope you like them and best of luck to those participating in the tourney. Music from Eighties Matchbox b-line disaster "Giant Bones" Gotta love eighties matchbox !!!!!!


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