Ser Jaime Lannister

Second update from A song of ice and fire and its the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister. I tried out full NMM on this model and admittedly still have an awful lot to learn about the technique. Happy enough with the result. He joins Ser Gregor Clegane in the HOUSE LANNISTER section of the Dead Marshes. Thanks for looking. I hope you like him. Fantastic range of models to paint. Music from Limp Bizkit "Counterfeit"

Ambush at Amon Hen & Rare scout

Next up is a set of Uruk Hai from the Ambush at Amon Hen box set alongside the rare Uruk scout with 2 handed axe. Nice models to paint up although the hobbits are ridiculously small! Thanks for looking, I hope you like them. Music from Jack off Jill "Love song"

Ser Gregor Clegane "The Mountain"

The first model of a brand new personal collection. I decided to back the kickstarter pretty much as soon as it started and I have to say I'm glad I did. These are a fantastic set of models and a real joy to paint. I have created a new section in the Dead Marshes section of the site especially for the A Song of Ice & Fire range. You can check it out HERE. I have added the Mountain to our Coolminiornot gallery and you can register a vote here. Thanks for the continued support. Thanks for looking, I hope you like him. Music from White Zombie "Super Charger Heaven"

Goblin Mercenaries

Next up and part of a multi faction batch paint alongside another batch of Uruk hai were some of the new Goblin Mercenaries from Forge World. Great kit this one with multiple parts giving numerous options with poses. Thanks for looking, I hope you like them. Music from Marilyn Manson "Tourniquet"

Forge World Golden Demon

Fantastic day at Warhammer World at the Forge World and specialist games open day. Managed to come home with a Bronze demon in both Middle Earth single miniature and the Unbound categories. For the full set of pictures hit the golden demon banner to navigate to the Golden Demon Index section of the website. I've put both models up on Cool Mini Or Not for voting, if you would like to register a vote here are the respective links. Thanks for the continued support. Iron Hills - No Surrender - Thanks for looking and I hope you like them. Already thinking about next years competition. Try to go one better and take a silve

Elrond & Gil-galad

Next update is Elrond & Gil-galad. Its been a number of years since I last painted these two and apart from Gil-galads massive football head they are enjoyable models to paint. These were part of another batch paint but the others in the batch proved slightly more challenging than these two so I opted to finish up on these and then go back to the remainder. Hope you like them. Thanks for looking. Music from Delerium "Silence"

The Nazgul

These were completed a while ago and I completely forgot about the pictures. Fantastic sculpts which paint up nicely and quickly. Hope you like them and thanks for looking. Music from Sepultura "Attitude"

Warg Riders

Finished up on a 18 strong batch paint of the plastic warg riders. The detail on these sculpts is a little scarce in places and it was quite a challenge to get them to a stage where I was happy with them. Glad to have them shifted. Thanks for looking, I hope you like them. Music from Talking heads "Psycho Killer" Enjoy !

Golden Demon 2018 "Duel - No Surrender"

This was a very last minute piece due to the original piece I had been working on for duel suffering a catastrophic disaster the week before the competition. I aimed for a finalist pin and achieved it so was happy with the result. Full set of pictures are up in the Golden Demon index. Click on the banner below. After Warhammerfest I made a few improvements to the piece and took it along to the Golden Demon at the Forge World Open day and entered it into the Unbound category where it managed to place in the Bronze position. Music from A Perfect Circle "Hourglass" I was lucky enough to see these live a couple of weeks back and this song was absolutely mind blowing live!!!!!


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