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As some of you may have already seen I have started writing painting guides and uploading them to patreon for a small fee. There are two options available to patrons. The first is the "Servents of Sauron" option which costs $1 USD per guide and gives you a full step by step painting guide for the subject model. The second option available is the "Istari" option which is $10 per guide. This gives you the full stage by stage painting guide along with unlimited one to one support and advice via facebook messenger throughout the painting process on the subject model. The Istari option will also get a full stage by stage on how I base each model although this is not coming into effect until

Fighting Uruk hai X32

Another batch of Uruk hai completed for the Isengard army I have been plugging away at. 32 in the batch this time. Only another 25 of these guys to go and the army is complete and it will be Army picture time. If anyone is interested in a painting guide for the Uruk hai there is a full stage by stage on the new S&F Patreon page. Here is a LINK. Thanks for looking, I hope you like them. Music from an awesome and very old movie Killer Fish... anyone remember it? think Piranhas! Amii Stewart "Winner takes all"


New Patreon page for Painting guides for the Middle-earth  range. Click on the  icon for more information.

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