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December 27, 2015


The last model to be painted for the easterling army commission.  Full army pictures are being edited by a proffesional photographer as we speak so stay tuned.  Quite a difficult model this one I think mainly due to the finecast material making the detail feel overly...

October 11, 2015

Another installment for the army of Rhun with four more Kataphrakts.  These models are quite time consuming.  Hopefully I can speed up a little and get through the remaining part of this job.



 Music from Shadow again (I hear you groaning lol) Powerman 5000 with "...

October 3, 2015

Next up is the Mounted contingent of the Easterling warmachine.  Really nice plastic kit this one which has a fair few leftover parts which will come in handy for future conversions!


Thanks for looking! 


Don't you lot be having too much fun without me at Stockport GRRR...

August 4, 2015

 Another batch of easterlings completed and ready to join the ranks.  Included the commanders set in the batch this time.  There is another commanders set to do soon for the same army and I'm going to paint them individually instead of as part of a batch.  Kinda feel l...

July 21, 2015

 Next up is another batch of easterlings.  Getting the hang of these guys now.  16 complete with 16 more close behind.  Hope you like them.

 Quick note to the people in the painting queue - Thanks for you patience guys, I only have one pair of hands and b...

May 17, 2015

The Easterling war machine is now in full swing.  This is the second batch of what is to be a huge army.  The colour scheme is coming together slowly now with the armour on this batch slightly lighter than the previous whilst hopefully maintaining the dirty, worn look....

May 7, 2015

So it begins!!!  The start of the next huge army commission and yes unfortunately for Shadow its more gold.  This is the first batch of many Easterlings to hit the paint station.  The client requested that the gold armour have a dirty and battered appearence.  Hopefull...

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