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June 30, 2019

Next up is a third set of the new 3 Hunters.  These really are fantastic models to paint.  I have written painting guides for all three models and they are available on our Patreon page for $1 per guide.  Here is a link for anyone interested.


May 19, 2018

 I am ridiculously far behind with the website updates I'm afraid.  Its been a busy few months with all the disasters occuring in the Shadow household aswell as Golden Demon to contend with.  Anyway finally getting around to trawling through the updates.  First one is...

March 11, 2018

First up HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FLAME!!!!!  Have a great day mate.  

Three hunters next up.  Nice set to paint. 

 Thanks for looking and I hope you like them.

Music from Faith No More "Epic"

August 26, 2017

These two were originally part of a 7 model batch paint of various Legolas sculpts but I found them too difficult to include them in the batch.  I think it is more to do with the finecast material than anything else but they required 100% of my concentration leaving no...

September 4, 2016

I was asked by the client to paint up the three hunters models, base them on scenic bases and then incorporate them individually into a display base which had to include a waterfall.    Each model is based on its own 25mm base which fits into the display. 


July 28, 2016

Have had these completed for a while now but have been waiting for the opportunity to use the new camera to get the pictures.  Deliberately tried to keep the colours quite muted on these paint jobs and am quite happy with how they turned out.  I still have a lot to lea...

July 27, 2016

Frantically playing with the settings on the new camera in preparation for my first self taken army shot as the Gundabad army nears completion.  Legolas & Gimli Mtd.  Always liked this model and apart from Legolas' gigantic sausage finger its a joy to paint.  I did try...

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New Patreon page for Painting guides for the Middle-earth  range. Click on the  icon for more information.

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