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November 23, 2018

 As some of you may have already seen I have started writing painting guides and uploading them to patreon for a small fee.  There are two options available to patrons.  The first is the "Servents of Sauron" option which costs $1 USD per guide and gives you a full step...

July 31, 2018

 Next up is a set of Uruk Hai from the Ambush at Amon Hen box set alongside the rare Uruk scout with 2 handed axe. Nice models to paint up although the hobbits are ridiculously small!

 Thanks for looking, I hope you like them.

Music from Jack off Jill "Love song"

October 9, 2017

First Installment of the Isengard army commission.  96 Pikes, Battering Ram, Siege Ballista, Troll, Lurtz, Vrasku, Ugluk and Mauhur.  This was hard on the brain lol.

 Thanks for looking.  Lots more to come.....

Music from System of a Down "Sugar"

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New Patreon page for Painting guides for the Middle-earth  range. Click on the  icon for more information.

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