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Champions of Erebor Nori & Ori

Nori & Ori Champions of Erebor.jpg

The Champions of Erebor are finally ready for war with the last two Nori & Ori complete. I have them all to do again in the near future so stay tuned.

Ori 1.jpg
Ori 2.jpg
Nori 1.jpg
Nori 2.jpg

and the completed company ..

Thorin Fili Kili.jpg
Nori Dori Ori.jpg
Gloin Oin Bilbo.jpg
Bofur Bombur Bifur.jpg
Dwalin Balin.jpg

Thanks for looking and as always comments are most welcome. I thought I might start to do something like Viruk over at Independant Painters used to do and that is post the music which inspired his paint jobs. Music is what keeps me painting!

So how many A Perfect Circle fans to we have ? Give it a listen.

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