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Warhammerfest & Golden Demon 2016

Last weekend I attended Warhammerfest at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for the Golden Demon competition. I usually only enter one category - LOTR Single miniature so this year I decided I would try my luck and enter a few different categories......I'm really glad I did!

After talking with Flame I decided to go for Duel, Diorama , LOTR single mini and the Open categories although the Open was not a serious contender it was still good fun seeing something I'd painted in the display case alongside some absolutely incredible paint jobs.

I will only post a couple of pics of each entry in this blog post as I have added a new section to the S&F website dealing solely with Golden Demon entries. Click on the Golden Demon banner to look at all past entries. Anywhere on the website you see this banner will take you to our Golden Demon index page.

So here are the entries for 2016. Starting with LOTR Single Mini which for the second year running did not make the first cut. I will try harder next year although the category was again very strong this year.

My next entry was for the Duel category. Conversion work as usual was done by Flame. This piece made the finals!!

And Diorama, This piece I named "The Last farewell" as its was intended to depict Glorfindel bidding his lady friend farewell before leaving for Gondolin where ultimately he met his death. his piece also reached the finals. The two models were converted by Flame.

And last but not least we have a Flame converted Azog the Defiler or "Touchdown Azog" as he is affectionately known here at S&F. I entered this into the Open category, more for a bit of fun than anything else. Next year I have a plan for an open entry.

Thanks for looking and don't forget for the full range of pics hit the Demon banner. Hope you like the entries. Warhammerfest was fantastic and I highly recommend the event. I have added all entries to the S&F Cool Mini Or Not gallery for voting and if you can spare the time you can follow the links and register a vote. Much appreciated.

Music this time from Stone Sour "Through Glass"

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