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As I managed to pick up a bronze demon in the diorama category at the 2017 Golden demon I was eligible to enter the Golden demon winners challenge for the following year.  The set theme was Age of Sigmar, something I am completely unfamiliar with.  I remembered seeing these three trolls in a GW window display when I was a kid so decided it had to be them I had a go at painting.  I have to admit I was completely out of my comfort zone with these as they are completely different to what I am used to.  Having said that I really enjoyed working on them and was happy enough with the result.  It was a fantastic experience in itself seeing my completed piece in a display case at the 2018 Warhammer fest with an array of utterly mind blowing pieces.  Hopefully I will get the chance to enter another of these challenges in the future.  Hope you like it.

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