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Paints Required.

  • VMC - Vallejo Model Colour

  • VGC - Vallejo Game Colour

  • GW - Games Workshop

  1. VMC : Black

  2. GW : Runefang Steel

  3. Brown ink / wash

  4. VGC : Beasty Brown

  5. VGC : Leather Brown

  6. VGC : Earth

  7. VGC : Dead Flesh

  8. VGC : Dead White 

  9. VGC : Bone White 

  10. VGC : Charred Brown

  11. Sepia Ink / Wash

  12. Black Ink / Wash

  13. VGC : Cold Grey

  14. GW : Khemri Brown

Click on images to enlarge,

1. Start by priming the model black with VMC Black.

2. Using GW Runefang Steel paint all metal areas.

3. Wash all metal areas with an undiluted brown ink.  I use Army Painter inks but GW or Vallejo equivelant will do fine.

4. Paint axe haft, loin cloth back and front, backs of shoes, shoulder straps and cloth area at back of the neck with VGC Beasty Brown.

5. Paint trousers with VGC Leather Brown ensuring to leave the straps at back of legs black.

6. Wash areas painted in stage 4 & 5 with undiluted Brown Ink.  Be careful not to get ink onto the metal areas or they will go too dark.

7. Paint cloth area surrounding belt and belt itself with GW Khemri Brown

8. Paint inner arms and hands with VGC Earth, Don't worry about picking out arm straps we'll deal with those later.  Paint straps on back of legs with the same colour. 

9. Wash inner arms, hands and cloth and belt area which we painted in stage 7 with undiluted Brown Ink.  DO NOT INK STRAPS ON BACK OF LEGS,

10. Paint flesh area with VGC Dead Flesh.  If painting one of the other poses leave inside mouth and eye sockets black.

11. Paint belt with VGC Cold Grey

12. Wash skin and belt with undiluted Brown Ink.  Once dry if painting the other poses this is where eyes and teeth can be painted.  Eyes a single dot of VGC Dead White in each eye socket.  Teeth can be picked out with VGC Bone White.

13. Paint long thin lines of VGC Earth along length of axe haft, try not to let any of these lines touch one another.  Edge highlight shoulder straps using the same colour.

14.  Make a mix of equal parts VGC Leather Brown and VGC Bone White and then add in an equal part again of water.  Use this mix to highlight the trousers.  When using watered down paint make sure to knock the excess paint off the end of your brush before touching the model to avoid pooling.

15.  Make a mix of equal parts VGC Earth and water to highlight loin cloth front and back and also cloth area at back of neck.

16.  Make a mix of equal parts VGC Beasty Brown and VGC Bone White and paint the straps on the inner arms.

17. Make a mix of 70% VGC Earth and 30% VGC Bone White and highlight uppermost areas of inner arms (inbetween the straps)

18.  Make a mix of 10% water and 90% brown ink.  Test the strength of your mixture on a white piece of paper, it should look something like the picture to the left.  Use this to wash all clothing, weapon haft and shoulder straps.  

19.  Make a mix of 60/40 GW Runefang Steel and water and highlight any large flat areas of metal.  On this sculpt the only area is the large shoulder armour.

20. Use GW Runefang Steel to carefully edge highlight most prominent areas of metal.

21.  Use an undiluted Sepia ink to wash deepest recesses of the armour for instance the crevice in the top of the shoulder guard, under the eye, bottom of the leg guard and under the ridge at the top of the thigh guard.

Well there you have it!!  Your completed Gundabad Orc.  I hope you enjoyed the guide.  Hit the like button or leave a comment if you made it to the end :-)

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