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Welcome to the Isengard army page.  I will upload the army pictures first,  these are a little dark as my light box is nowhere near big enough to fit the entire army in so I had to make do with my painting lamps.  I will sort the lighting out for the next army I complete.  I will upload individual group pics taken in the light box after the army pics.  Click on the individual images to enlarge.  Behold the Uruk hai from Middle earth SBG!

Uruk Hai army
Uruk Hai Infantry
Saruman the white
Lurtz, Mauhur
Isengard 23 .jpg
Isengard 8 .jpg
Isengard 22.jpg
Isengard 9 .jpg
Isengard 11 .jpg
Isengard 10.jpg
Isengard 12 .jpg
Isengard 13 .jpg
Isengard 14.jpg
Isengard 16.jpg
Isengard 15.jpg
Isengard 17.jpg
Isengard 21 .jpg
Isengard 19.jpg
Isengard 20.jpg
Isengard 18.jpg
Isengard 5 .jpg
Isengard 3 .jpg
Isengard 2 .jpg
Isengard 4 .jpg

Again I apologise for the dark pictures.  I'll get it sorted for the next army.  Here are some individual group shots taken with the light box. Click on the individual image to enlarge.

Isengard Troll
Uruk hai battering ram
Uruk hai siege ballista
warg riders
Uruk hai berserkers
Fighting Uruk hai
uruk hai pikes
Uruk hai command

Thanks for taking the time to look through the pictures.  Hope you like them.  Watch this space for more armies coming in 2019!  You can follow our work on Facebook or instagram using the following links  FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

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