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Welcome to my Jaws page. 

I have always loved Sharks and the movie Jaws was one of my favorites growing up.  Over the years I've always wanted to make a diorama of the scene where the shark breaches onto the back of the boat, the Orca.  I have never been able to find a model of the boat anywhere near the right scale.........until now!

The Orca and Ben Gardeners boat (yes complete with eyeless head) is being 3d printed for me as we speak!  

I will use this page to keep pictures of the completed pieces of the diorama as I finish them.  Once all the pieces are painted and ready I can start to look at building them into the diorama.

First up is Jaws himself.  This is just a childs toy shark that I thought looked the part.  I have given it a full repaint.

Jaws 1 .jpg
Jaws 4 .jpg
Jaws 3 .jpg
Jaws 2 .jpg
Jaws 5 .jpg

Let me give you an idea of what I'm aiming for in the piece.  I'm thinking a large block of resin stained slightly blue to imitate the open ocean. 

Ben Gardeners lobster boat sunken at the bottom with a hole in the hull and his eyeless head in the hole.  Coral and sand on the sea floor along with various fish and rays (basically any small sea life I can get my hands on and paint.  Kelp plants bordering the wreck on the sea floor. 

At the surface the Orca shark fishing vessel with a huge Great White Shark having breached and landed on the rear of the boat smashing the stern and submerging the rear of the vessel with its body weight.  The Orca will be crewed by Quint who will be on his back sliding down the tilting vessel towards the sharks mouth, machete in hand.  Brody will be inside the cabin of the Orca holding on after having lost his grip on Quints hand.  Hooper will be in diving gear swimming around somewhere near the sea floor.  Hoopers shark diving cage will be smashed to bits but still suspended half way between the Orca and the sea floor.  

This could take a while but hey I'm in no rush.

Jaws 7 .jpg
Jaws 8 .jpg
Jaws 6 .jpg
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