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1. Wash the model parts in warm water and gently scrub with an old toothbrush to remove release agent.  Assemble the model.

3.  Paint hair and beard with VMC Flat yellow.  Any bright yellow will do.


5.  Make a mix of 50% Brown ink (I use Army Painter Strong Tone) and 50% water and wash hair and beard.

7.  Wash face , hair and beard with GW Ogryn Flesh.

9.  Highlight face with VGC Dwarf Skin with VMC Ivory added for two successive highlights.


11. Make a mix of 80% water and 20% Brown Ink and wash face.  Afterwards with a clean brush gently dab excess paint from the eyes.

13. Drybrush Fur VGC Earth and then add a little VGC Khaki to VGC Earth for two more successive drybrush highlights.  Add VMC Flat Yellow to the mix and drybrush fur on shoulders.

Wash with 50/50 Mix of brown ink & water.


15. Drybrush Fur with VGC Leather Brown followed by a lighter brybrush on uppermost areas with VGC Khaki,


17.  Wash silver metal sections with undiluted brown ink.  Remember to do the same on the helm on the base.


19.  Paint belt with VGC Beasty Brown and then wash with undiluted brown ink.  

Paint red plate armour, sleeves, gloves and hammer detail with VMC Flat Red.  Don't forget the helm!


21.  Wash all red areas painted in stage 19 with undiluted Brown ink. 

Paint arm and leg straps with VGC Beasty Brown.


23.  Wash Chainmail and straps on arms and legs with undiluted brown ink.


25.  Edge Highlight Red armour plate mail with GW Auric Armour Gold.


27.  Make a mix of 60% water and 40% VGC Khaki and paint the lighter area in the beard and moustache.  This needs to be built up in 2 or 3 layers.

Wash all red areas (not hair or beard) with 80% water and 20% Brown ink mix.

2. Prime model with VMC Matt Black


4.  Make a mix of 60% Water & 40% VGC Bloody Red and wash hair and beard.  Be careful not to overload your brush and knock excess off the end of your brush before touching the model.


6.  Paint face with VGC Dwarf Skin.  Leave eye sockets black.  Remember to paint Dains bottom lip.

8.  Paint two tiny dots of VMC Ivory into each eye socket.  VGC Dark Fleshtone can be used to tidy up mistakes both above and below the eye.


Paints Required

  • VMC - Vallejo Model Colour

  • VGC - Vallejo Game Colour

  • GW - Games Workshop

  • AP - Army Painter

  • VMC Matt Black

  • VMC Flat Yellow

  • VGC Bloody Red

  • AP Strong tone (Brown Ink)

  • VGC Dwarf Skin

  • GW Ogryn Flesh (Wash)

  • VMC Ivory

  • VGC Dark Fleshtone

  • VGC Beasty Brown

  • VGC Earth

  • VGC Khaki

  • VMC Transparent Orange

  • VMC Transparent Red

  • VGC Leather Brown

  • GW Runefang Steel

  • GW Auric Armour Gold

  • VMC Flat Red

  • GW Sepia Ink (Wash)

  • VGC Cold Grey

  • VGC Stonewall Grey 

  • VGC Dead White

  • VGC Sombre Grey

  • AP Dark Tone (Black Ink)

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10.    Paint fur cloak with VGC Beasty Brown.


12.  Wash fur cloak with undiluted Brown Ink.


14. Make a 50/50 mix of VMC Transparent Orange and water and wash shoulders and raised areas down the back of cloak.  Dab with a clean brush to clear areas where paint has pooled. 

Make a 50/50 mix of VMC Transparent Red & water and wash more shaded areas of cloak.  Again use a clean brush to dab away areas where paint has pooled.


16. Paint Silver metal sections with GW Runefang Steel.  Remember to do the same for the helm on the base.


18. Paint Gold sections of armour with GW Auric Armour Gold.  Don't forget helm on the base.


20.  Paint the silver spots on the hammer with GW Runefang Steel.


22. Highlight belt with VGC Khaki followed by a GW Sepia wash.

Carefully pick out chainmail with GW Runefang Steel.


24.  Highlight red sections with VGC Bloody Red


26. Highlight Gold areas with GW Auric Armour Gold.  Highlight Silver areas with GW Runefang Steel.


28. Paint braids in hair and beard with VGC Cold Grey and then highlight firstly with VGC Stonewall Grey and then finally with VGC Dead White.  Edge Highlight all straps with VGC Earth.

Highlight Black areas of Helm with VGC Sombre Grey and then wash with black ink.


And there we have it!  The end of the guide.  I hope you found it useful.  Hit the like button or leave a comment to let me know if these guides are actually helping anybody out or not.  Thanks for reading.


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