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       Paints Required.

  • VMC - Vallejo Model Colour

  • VGC - Vallejo Game Colour

  • GW - Games Workshop

1. VMC : Black

2. GW : Runefang Steel

3. Black Ink / wash

4. VGC : Leather Brown

5. VGC : Khaki

6. Brown Ink / wash

7. VGC : Beasty Brown

8. VGC : Earth

9. VGC : Charred Brown

10. GW : Shining Gold

11. GW : Burnished Gold

12. VGC : Bonewhite

13. VGC : Dwarf Flesh

14. GW : Ogryn Flesh / Flesh Ink

15. VGC : Dead White 

16. GW : Camo Green

17. VMC : Light Brown

18. Sepia Ink / wash

19. VGC : Dark Fleshtone

1. Start with a prime coat of VMC Black.

2. Basecoat all scalemail areas and blade of sword with GW Runefang Steel.

3. Wash Scalemail ONLY with undiluted black ink wash.  I use Army Painter Dark tone but GW or Vallejo equivelant will work fine.

4. Highlight Scalemail with GW Runefang Steel.  Brush the scales from top to bottom to keep the highlights consistant.  A drybrush can be used to make this stage easier.

5. Basecoat cloak with VGC Leather Brown

6. Wash cloak with undiluted Brown Ink.  I use Army Painter Strong Tone.

7. Basecoat leather armour sections and shoes with VGC Beasty Brown.

8. Wash leather armour sections and shoes with undiluted Brown Ink.

9. Make a mix of 50% VGC Leather brown and water and highlight the cloak leaving the deepest reccess of the cloak the previous darker colour.  Be sure to knock excess paint off the end of your brush before touching model to avoid pooling.  To highlight further add a tiny amount of VGC Khaki and an equal amount water and highlight cloak again (See Stage 1 pic)  a further highlight can be applied using a further drop of VGC Khaki and water (Stage 2 pic)

10.  Make a mix of 70% VGC Earth and 30% water and carefully paint parallel lines across the thigh armour and upper body sections of leather armour (Stage 1 Pic)

Add a tiny amount of VGC Khaki to the previous mix and highlight the lines again leaving previous colour showing towards each end of each line.  (Stage 2 pic)

Add a further tiny drop of VGC Khaki to the mix and again highlight each line leaving some of the previous stage showing at each end of each line, (Stage 3 pic)

11. Make a mix of 50/50 mix of Brown Ink and water and wash the areas you just painted the parallel lines on.

12. Paint VGC Dwarf Flesh into eye sockets,  Try not to hit the cloak but any on the helmet can be cleaned up with VGC Black (Stage 2 pic)

Wash eyes and flesh with GW Ogryn flesh or similar flesh coloured ink.  Paint gloves with VGC Earth. (Stage 3 pic) 

13. If you would like to paint eyes on your model now is the time.  Paint a thin line of VMC Black in each eye socket followed by two tiny dots of VGC dead white at either end of each black line.  Mistakes can easily be covered up with VGC Dark Fleshtone.

14. Paint a thin slightly "U" shaped line of VGC Dwarf Flesh underneath each eye.

15. Pick out all detailing on leather armour sections with VGC Khaki (Not stripes painted in step 10)

16. Paint areas between leg armour and scalemail and arm armour and scalemail with VGC Charred Brown.

17. Paint all metal armour sections (legs, arms , shoulders and helmet ) with GW Shining Gold.

18. Wash gold armour, gloves and sword blade with undiluted Brown ink.

19. Paint GW Burnished gold onto trim on armour surrounding face, line across middle of top of helmet and "M" shape on helmet above eyes.  Paint the same colour in a triangle shape on back of helmet (see pic)

20. Paint sides of helmet and top sections with GW Runefang Steel being careful not to go onto previous burnished gold areas.

21. Paint a thin line of GW Burnished gold around edge of silver section on top of helmet.  Mistakes can be rectified with VGC Charred Brown.

22. Paint a thin line of GW Runefang Steel around the edge of the Burnished Gold line from the previous step.

23. Paint another small line of GW Burnished gold alongside Runefang Steel line painted in previous step.

25. Edge highlight shoulder armour with GW Burnished Gold.

24. The arm and leg armour has long indents set in it.  Paint these indents with GW Runefang Steel.  These lines can be tidied up with VGC Charred Brown.

26. Paint hand grip of sword VGC Bonewhite. edge highlight shoulder armour GW Runefang Steel.  Mix 50/50 water and VGC earth and highlight knuckles and shoes.  Paint tiny line of GW Shining Gold inbetween sword blade and hand.

27. Highlight sword blade edge with GW Runefang Steel.  Make a mix of 50/50 VGC Leather Brown and water and wash sword handle.  Highlight elbow section of swordarm with GW Burnished Gold.

28. Paint visible bit of sword sheath with GW Runefang Steel.

29. Paint back of shield with VGC Beasty Brown

31. STAGE 1 - Wash back of shield with undiluted Brown Ink.

STAGE 2 - Paint long thick lines of VGC Earth the length of the back of the shield.

STAGE 3 - Paint thinner lines of VGC Khaki inside the VGC Earth lines painted in Stage 2.

STAGE 4 - 50/50 mix of Brown Ink and water and wash the back of shield.

30. Make a 50/50 mix of GW Camo Green and water and wash the silver sections on top and sides of helmet.  Wash sword handle with 50/50 mix of brown ink and water.

32. STAGE 1 -  Paint front of shield VGC Beasty Brown.

STAGE 2 -  Wash front of shield with undiluted Brown ink and allow to dry. Gently overbrush or drybrush centre piece and studded sections of shield with GW Shining Gold.

STAGE 3 - Overbrush or Drybrush same sections as in stage 2 but this time with GW Burnished Gold.

STAGE 4 - Overbrush or Drybrush same areas a stages 2 & 3 but with GW Runefang Steel. 

Pick out remaining lines with GW Shining Gold.

33. Pick out and highlight gold lines on shield with GW Burnished Gold (STAGE 1)  and then again in a lesser amount with GW Runefang Steel (STAGE 2)

34. Paint your chosen pattern onto the brown areas on the shield with VMC LIght Brown.  Mistakes can be tidied up with VGC Charred Brown.

35. Mix a tiny amount of VGC Khaki to VMC Light Brown and highlight the lines painted in the previous step, 

36. Highlight your lines painted in previous stage again using VGC Bonewhite.

37. Wash the sections you have painted the lines on with undiluted Sepia wash, try to push the ink around the outside esges of the shield.

Well there you have it, Your completed Palace Guard Warrior.  We hope you survived (lol enjoyed) the guide and that you find it useful.  


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