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Aragorn & Mtd Ranger of the North (Conversion)

Next up for Shadow was Aragorn. First time painting this version and possibly my favourite Aragorn sculpt so far (excluding Thorongil of course)

A lot to get through this month so stay tuned for more updates.

While Shadow was busy painting up the Aragorn, Flame has been busy converting a Ranger of the North from a foot to mounted version for the same client.

Thanks for looking and as always all comments are much appreciated. If you have a facebook account and would like to follow the progress of Shadow & Flame head on over to the S&F Facebook and like the page. Thanks for the continued support.

I'll leave you this time with an awesome track from Guns n Roses. Quite a little known song this one for some reason as I consider among their best. Guns N Roses "Oh My God" . Check it out!!!

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