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Aragorn & Arwen wedding diorama

The client sent us a glass bowl and asked if we could build a landscape depicting Aragorn and Arwen with a marriage theme. My initial idea was to have them standing on a bridge holding hands but for love nor money could i find the bridge i had pictured in my mind. Then in passing I get talking to a fantastic guy on facebook named Endre Kovacs better known to many as Miniman and for his priceless unnofficial guide to the Lord of the Rings miniatures. Anyway he took the specifications and design i was looking for and planned and designed it using a computer and had it 3d printed - Absolutely perfect!!! Miniman has a facebook page, take a look and hit the Like button! Thanks for your help, my ideas would not have worked without it!

Next problem I had is that no official Aragorn or Arwen model existed in anywhere near the pose I was looking for. This is where Flame comes in. At first Flame planned to convert existing models but quickly realised that even when converting he would still be scratch sculpting 90% of the model so might as well just go with two scratch sculpts which is what you see in the finished piece.

Trees were my next problem, I looked everywhere for a Willow tree that actually looked like a Willow - trust me there are many out there that don't lol. During my search I came accross a webstore called The Model Tree Shop, The quality of the trees available and the customer service was that good that I will buy from these guys whenever i require trees in the future. Highly recommend and have added a banner link to my recommended stores.

Anyway - the piece is for display on the top table at the clients upcoming wedding. Congratulations you two! All the best for the future from Shadow & Flame.


Fantastic set of pictures again from Bradley Hutchinson Photography. Thanks for your hard work buddy.

Ive added a selection of pictures to the Shadow & Flame Cool Mini Or Not gallery for voting so if you'd like to register a vote click HERE to show your support. Much appreciated.

Music - I was going to go with something nice and easy to listen to but then realised naaaah - that wouldn't be me lol

"American Head Charge - Just so you know" Enjoy :-)

Thanks for looking,

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