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The Necromancer

Commissioned by the lads at SBG magazine we have the Necromancer of Dol Guldur. Model sculpted entirely from scratch by Flame and then passed to Shadow for painting and display base. The client was quite specific in how they wanted the model to look in both sculpting and painting. Hope you like it!

First set of pictures is of the "Green" sculpting work by Flame.

As the client requested a display base we had to find some artwork to work from, the following image is what Shadow used as reference for the base work.

and to the finished piece...

The necromancer has been added to the S&F Cool Mini Or Not gallery for voting and you can follow this LINK to show your support and register a vote. Many Thanks.

Been feeling a little bit subdued lately which is reflective of music choice. Cranberries "Dreams"

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