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Iron Hills Conversion Kit & Antlers Pack Retired

Here at Shadow & Flame both Kev and I are strong advocates for Games Workshop and it's Middle-earth line. We both have bought all of the minis over the years and will continue to do so as long as they keep producing them! After it seemed the line had ended, we thought long and hard about how we could help people acquire missing minis from the Battle of the Five Armies, whilst at the same time supporting GW sales. Whilst it would have been very easy for us to just create and manufacture entire minis to fill in the gaps as other third party suppliers have been noticeably doing, that course of action does not directly support GW. That's how the conversion kits came about. So people would still have to buy existing GW products, but could then change them appropriately to the movie concepts with a little bit of guidance from us via the online tutorial videos. Converted GW minis are also much more widely accepted on the UK tournament scene than miniatures purchased from third party companies.

However, since the exciting formation of the newly assembled Middle-earth team, it has become evidently clear that we are indeed getting Iron Hills dwarves, and also hinted at a new Thranduil on Elk.

With that in mind, we at Shadow & Flame have decided to retire both our Iron Hills conversion sprue and Antlers pack effective immediately as they should no longer be required now that official models are imminent - and we want to encourage everyone to buy the new products from GW when they are released.

Cheers, K&D

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