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The Hobbit - Goblin warrior

Quick paint job on a Hobbit goblin for my own collection.

A very good friend of mine Randy Blood of Painting Middle Earth has come up with an amazing idea. As he is understandably sick of listening to me moan about how I never get to paint anything from my own collection what he has done is numbered every individual pose in the Lotr / Hobbit range and will select a number monthly to decide a model we can both paint for our respective collections. July 2016 is the Hobbit Goblin seen here. The August 2016 model is a Guard of the Galadhrim court. Although due to work commitments I may not hit every month I'll give it a darned good go. We have called this ......

I will eventually add a page to the Dead Marshes section of the Shadow & Flame website dedicated to The Unexpected Journey. Thanks for the awesome idea Randy. I'll try not to moan so much lol. Anyway - July 2016 - the Goblin.

The Goblin is up on CoolMiniOrNot for voting if you would like to show your support and register a vote follow the LINK.

Music from Enya - May it be

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