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Golden Demon 2017

Another year and another Warhammer Fest in Coventry and a great year for S&F. Managed to take the Bronze demon in the diorama category. There are a full set of pictures of the completed piece in the Golden Demon section of the website.

In this post we can take a look at the conversion work which Flame put into the piece.

Starting with the shield wall. We discovered early on that there were no existing poses in the Iron Hills range that would fit together closely enough to form the shield wall and some conversion work was going to be required.

Conversion work was also required for the elves to give them a more dramatic leaping pose from the top of the shield wall.

I wanted to add a "Stumpy" troll to the piece and as no official model was available (typically the official Forge World version was released the day before the competition) I asked Flame if he could convert one from the plastic Mordor troll kit. I was not disappointed!

As the diorama portrayed a large battle scene I wanted some casualties for both elves and Gundabad. Again Flame worked his magic!

This was a fun piece to work on and the result at the competition made the hard work all the more worthwhile. Already planning for next year!

Thanks to all those who donated bits and pieces for the diorama.

Music from Soundgarden "Slaves & Bulldozers" RIP Chris Cornell :-(

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