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Thorins Company (Escape from Goblin Town)

These guys were actually finished a while ago but I am only getting around to photographing them. I batch painted four sets of Thorins Company these included. Not something I plan on ever doing again lol. I hope you like them.

My 9 year old daughter Miah-xen has been asking me for some time now if she can paint a model and over the xmas period I made the time to sit with her so she could paint her first model ever. I have no doubt this will be the first of many more. I envisaged a gritty warrior of Rohan straight from the pages of the Lord of the rings...... Miah-xen had other ideas....... Squid Pink. Really proud of her, she did an awesome job!!! Check it out!

Miah-xens music choice and not a bad choice at that. The Pretty Reckless "Make me wanna die"

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