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Khamul on Fellbeast.

It's been a while since we saw anything meaty from Flame due to his super secret projects for various clients. Here though Randy Blood gets a custom Khamul on Fellbeast, complete with a scratch sculpted scenic Dol Guldur base.

The beast has been reposed by heating the plastic with a hair dryer and a wire attached to the outside of a wing which inserts into a hole that runs through the entire length of the stairs. The whole thing was engineered to maintain the centre of gravity directly over the base.

On the base is a poor deceased prisoner, chained by the ankle and housed in a cage made from the copper staples that hold industrial cardboard boxes together. The staircase has a foamboard core with a skin of putty entirely encasing it.

The rider uses the top of the latest Forgeworld Khamul blended into a reworked lower half of the original Nazgul rider.

It all comes together to provide a nice dynamic piece and we look forward to seeing how Randy paints it up. (No pressure)

Thanks for looking.

Music from Green Day "Boulevard of broken dreams"

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