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Gundabad Troll

Flame has been busy working on converting a Mordor Catapult loader troll into "Stumpy" the Gundabad troll for a client. He also managed to paint the beast during his attendance at the Desolation of Stockport.

Flame intended to simply repose the troll, add the stumps and apply the rider but when he looked at the size comparison between troll and rider the troll appeared a little small. Flame completely fleshed out and re-skinned the troll resulting in the pictures of the unpainted piece below.

And the completed piece. Fantastic paint job also applied by Flame.

The guys over at SBG magazine were good enough to send us some action shots taken on the amazing Dol Guldur gaming board constructed by Barry O'Neill.

Thanks for looking. I'll leave you with Guns N Roses "Civil War"

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