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Gothmog Lord of Balrogs

Next up is a joint effort from both Shadow and Flame. Gothmog Lord of Balrogs. This model started life as the Forge World Bloodthirster which Flame began work converting into a Balrog. The model was converted heavily and then magnetized for ease of painting.

This is the original model before Flame got his hands on it and started work turning it into the Balrog.

As you can see this is a sizable model when compared to your normal 28mm scale model. Here is a look at the unpainted piece with a regular Games Workshop Balrog thrown in for a size comparison.

Once the sculpting and converting work had been completed by Flame the model was passed on to Shadow for the paint work. The following set of pictures are of the finished piece. We hope you like it!

Its been a privilege working on this piece and we are very pleased with the finished result. Thank you for looking and for the ongoing support.

Music from The Cure "Burn"


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