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Finally!!!!!!!! Smaug is complete. It has been a long road with this one fraught with peril and mistakes lol. Thankfully I think I have the great winged beast sussed and think I can confidently work my way through writing a painting guide for this model. There is another Smaug currently with Flame in the construction and prep stage and once it arrives here with me I will begin writing a step by step painting guide for the patreon page. The Smaug is painted 100% by brush.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like him. Stay tuned for the full painting guide which will be split into three guides. Part 1 will be the base. Part 2 will be head, body and tail. Part 3 will be Wings. Guides will be started when Smaug Mk II arrives from construction and prep from Flame.

Music from Powerman 5000 "Black Lipstick"


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